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Did You Know?
8/23/2017 1:34:52 PM

Did You Know?


Before traveling or relocating to another State make sure you contact your insurance agency to have a clear understanding of your coverage. When you relocate to another state, you need to get covered in that specific state. The only circumstance where you do not need to switch insurance to that state is if you are going to college out-of-state.

An incident can occur at anytime, you may think that you are exception and nothing will happen… However, incidents happen at any moment to even the most experienced drivers. You can take all the precautions, but there is still a risk no matter what especially with Michigan’s winters.

Consequently, it is good to know your automotive insurance coverage. Many people do not know their coverage plans and then when they need it the most they find out (and may not be happy with the coverage).

Purchasing A Vehicle:

When purchasing a vehicle, make sure you do your research on the type of vehicle you would be interested in. During this stage you will need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What is your price range? Will it work into your budget?  

  2. What will the radius be for the search?

  3. What will be the main purpose of the vehicle?

  4. Are you looking for something that will be a long term vehicle or short term?

Once you are able to answer these questions and maybe a few others that you may have to include, look for vehicles either online, driving around, word of mouth, social media, etc. After you find a vehicle or a few vehicles, do more research on the history of that vehicle (can use websites like CarFax). Researching that specific model of vehicle is good to do as well to determine reliability, gas mileage, etc. If you are still interested in this vehicle, make an appointment/ set a time to test drive the vehicle. During this stage, analyze the appearance of the vehicle (interior and exterior) and ask yourself a few other questions:

  1. How does it drive?

  2. What issues does it have? Are they minor issues?

  3. How much will you have to invest in the vehicle after purchase?

  4. Does it pass an inspection?

  5. Are you looking for more backseat, trunk, etc. space?

  6. What is the vehicle’s mileage?

  7. How is the interior (lights, gauges, A/C, and heat work; seats;etc)?

  8. How is the exterior (is there rust, dents or scratches; good tires; etc)?    

Considering these questions will help your decision making. In addition, have a third party inspection look over the vehicle. Also, know the state laws for vehicles. For example, if the vehicle has tint, in Florida you can have a darker tint than in Michigan.

Purchasing a vehicle is an investment and the way you take care of it will determine how long the lifespan of the vehicle and how many issues the vehicle can acquire. Remember to take care of the small things when you can to reduce the risk of causing other issues and have routine maintenance.

Michigan Driver’s License

In order to get a Michigan Driver’s License, individuals have to take both a knowledge and road test. Once the individual has passed both of these tests, the individual will need to go to the Secretary of State (make sure you look up their hours, as they vary). When you go to get your driver's license make sure you have proof of identity (birth certificate recommended, marriage licence, or passport), temporary permit, and certificate of passing the test. In addition, you have to obtain your temporary instruction permit for 30 days.

To obtain the temporary instruction permit, you need Social Security card, U.S citizenship/legal presence proof (birth certificate or passport), proof live in Michigan (pay stub, car insurance policy, or recent bill), pass DMV tests, and there is a $25 fee. This information is stated on the DMV website. For more information, follow this link to get more information: http://www.dmv.org/mi-michigan/apply-license.php.

State ID

As you may have read, from the Detroit Free Press or other sources, that individuals will receive a different driver’s license. There are some controversy from individuals on the subject; however, it is not until October 1, 2020 that the Real ID -compliant driver's license is required to travel via plane domestically- for those who have a standard driver's license. You may ask what is the differences between the Real ID and standard ID, the appearance difference is there is a star in the right hand corner of the Real ID. The Real ID allows individuals to travel domestically without a passport, as the Real ID is a security protocol and  prevents copying/altering ID (follow the link to learn more about the Real ID: http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-12539_81564---F,00.html. )  

* Teens will have to have an adult over the age of 18 years old with them when they have their pink slips.

Do you know any interesting facts regarding Michigan and automotives? Share with us in the comments.

Safety First
8/16/2017 4:05:49 PM

Do you have a teenager in drivers training or will be soon?

We have two going through the course now and as a parent, sibling, family member, etc. it is natural to worried at first. As an older sister, they will always be my little brother and sister and can not help but to look after them- even when I am gone. Today we have the technology and opportunities,not everyone has had in the past, to ensure safety especially safety concerns with a vehicle.  


It seems just like yesterday these teenagers were little children playing in the background and/or playing pretend. However, if we like it or not, they grow up faster than we can imagine. Now they are interested in different things and eager to get their driver's license, as it is a milestone in their life. Some are more eager than others, personally I was not as eager to get my license compared to my siblings, but we can not get through life without one- easily.


As a parent/guardian, it will be natural to be worried about their safety and you should. There is so many things that can happen, even to the most experienced drivers. However, you can take precautions to ensure they are safe.

  1. Driver’s Training: If you child is in drivers training, they will learn the rules of the road and the basic information they need to know when it comes to driving.

  2. Experience: Once your child has their pink slips and have the ok to drive with an adult over the age of 18 years, have them drive you to different location. This can be as simple as going to the grocery store or appointment. This will allow them to acquire experience and become more comfortable/confident with driving.

  3. Watch Your Driving: Your child will look to your driving on what is to be expected. Consequently, what you do while driving, they will more than likely copy it. For example, if you speed or text while driving- both illegal, we do not want them to do the same. We can not stress NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING enough.  

  4. Understand How To Drive In A Variety of Conditions: As we all know Michigan’s weather can change with a drop of a pin, thus we need to know how to drive in different conditions especially snow. If your child has not had experience driving in the snow, make sure they understand how to handle the conditions while being calm- including black ice.

  5. Parking: If you have a backup camera on the vehicle, make sure your child knows to use all the mirrors still. The backup camera is not the only thing that should be used, they need to know how to backup without this technology.

  6. Inspections: Before you child starts to drive around in a vehicle get in inspection by an automotive technician to ensure there is no safety concerns. There can be some concerns hidden by the naked eye, but do not take that chance when there are lives at risk.


We all have been there at some point when we were younger, where we wonder why rules, regulations, etc. of the road are the way they are. However, without these precautions and training there would be more issues on the road. Depending on when and where you received your driver's license, the process was not as long or complicated, but know that the drivers training courses will prepare your child for the road while driving safely.

Make an appointment today with R Auto Repair, LLC to ensure your vehicle is safe for your child, as they learn to be safe on the road. Contact us at 989-340-1652

Author: EL
August 16,2017

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